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Atlanta Phil successfully finished the Korean Music Fest
As the finale of the 2017 Korean Festival
A concert to celebrate 2018 Pyung-Chang Winter Olympic is coming

The orchestra performance filled the finale of the 2017 Korean Festival. Min Pak conducted the concert, named as the Korean Music Fest, whose theme was Arirang. It was held 8PM of the 7th of October in Atlanta Korean Association Center. Many Koreans and also Americans gathered to the concert.  

The main feature of the concert was that the American orchestra played the Korean folk song, Arirang in various arrangements. The first song was the first play in the US of “Arirang Cncertante ” by In-Sook Jung’s piano collaboration with the orchestra’s Shostakovich No. 2 arranged by Min Pak mixed with the Korean folk song, Bongsunhwa. Soprano Sarah Pak sang the “New Arirang” with a colorful tone. And Ja-Hyun Choi who is from Seoul National University followed her and sang “Arirang Rhapsody” beautifully with the orchestra.  

Baritone Jin-Ho Park sang, a Korean classical art song, “Gagopa” and “I am the best barber in this street” from the opera, The Barber of Seville. Tenor Hyuk Chae sang “Batnorae” and “Nesun Dorma” and received standing ovation. American musicians also collaborated with the orchestra. Halbert, Craft Ronda Sylincovsky, and William Brunette played “Bugler’s Holiday ” as a trumpet trio and Brad Beaton played Arirang with a bagpipe. Emily Lee’s oboe “Nela Fantasia” calmed the concert and Ja-Hyun Choi cheering it up by singing, “The Beautiful Country”, in collaboration with the Dae-Buk by Hyun-Sook Yang and Kim Bong-Soo Samulnori Team, finished the concert.     

The audience liked the concert so that they would not leave but call encore for a while after it was over. An interviewee said that the concert provided Koreans with an opportunity to get wet with nostalgia and Americans to meet the beauty of the Korean music. Min Pak, who has been continuing his musical career in the major American musical field since he came to the US in 1987, said, “The concert was very successful and it gave to Korean immigrants consolation and to all a chance to think about peace and harmony between nations and races.”  

Min Pak donated the benefit made through the concert to the Philippines Boys and Girls Choir and the Seoul National University Alumni Georgia Branch Scholarship.  

The orchestra is going to have a concert to wish success of the Winter Olympic at Pyun-Chang Korea, around the new year. It would be, according Min Pak, a big collaboration with a huge choir. 

Please support the orchestra which is a nonprofit organization.

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