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Date : 13-05-09 15:47
  Spring Jazz Concert - April 28, 2013  
  Name : acom Hit : 6,760  
Link1 : http://http://www.koreanfest.com/data/file/gallery/3637819442_cc6d5659… Click:4196

 2013` "좋은세상 만들기"에  동참하기 위해 테마 콘서트를  열었습니다.

따사로운 햋볕이 푸근한 한 봄에 미국 ‘황금시대’의 추억이 깃든 정통 재즈를 즐길 수 있는 음악회가 애틀랜타 한인타운에서 열린다.

애틀랜타 음악원. (ACOM기획. 박민)은 오는 28일(일) 오후 4시 스프링홀에서 델 바로니 악단과 캐나다 가수 제니퍼 핸슨이 출연하는 재즈콘서트를 개최한다고 밝혔다.

‘좋은 세상 만들기’에 동참하기 위해 이번 테마 콘서트를 기획했다는 박민 대표는 “정기적 스프링홀에서 연주회를 시리즈로 개최할 생각”이라면서 “부담없이 편안한 마음으로 간단한 음료와 함께 음악을 즐길 수 있는 시간을 마련했다”고 말했다.

델 바로니는 마이애미 대학 출신으로 일찌기 80년대에 애틀랜타로 옮겨와 활동하고 있다. 그는 델 바로니 오케스트라를 조직하고 조지아주 전역에서 다양한 행사 음악 연주활동을 전개했다.

바로니는 정확한 소리와 느낌을 만들기 위해 골동품 악기들을 사용하는 것으로도 유명하다.

가수 제니퍼 핸슨은 케나다 출신으로 바로니를 만난 이후 그의 악단에서 전속 보컬리스트로 활동하고 있다.

메마른 이민 생활에 활기를 주고자 기획된 이 연주회는 한인타운에 문화적 갈증을 해소해줄 새로운 기회가 될 것으로 보인다.

입장료는 1인당 20달러다.  http://www.acomevents.com/ 에서 예약하면 된다.

KOREANFEST.COM은 예매 문화 정착을 위해 5달러 할인 이벤트를 실시한다. 이메일(Koreanfest@yahoo.com) 으로 이름과 전화번호를 보내오면 콘서트 당일 입구에서 할인혜택을 받을 수 있다.

△티켓예약: 678-531-8787, ※이메일(Koreanfest@yahoo.com)로 예약시 $5 할인.
그리고 노아 뱅크와 KOREANFEST.COM 이 후원한다.

 April 28,(Sun) 2013. 4:00PM

 WHO:  Del Baroni & Jennifer Hanson

    Del is a veteran musician & singer from Miami, Florida.  Local to Atlanta now, Del proudly leads the "On the Air Orchestra".

    Jennifer is a singer songwriter, originally from Canada.  After meeting Del, Jennifer has become a regular vocalist with the orchestra.

Jennifer Hanson::
In the rugged landscape of Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada, there are two kinds of people: hockey players and singers. Though she is well known for her goalie skills, Jennifer Hanson's voice is what people remember about her.
The youngest of seven children, Jennifer learned to love 30's and 40's era standards at her father Bill's knee. In order to get just a little attention in the midst of all those kids, she began singing them for anyone who would listen around 1972, and then after her short, but throat blistering career in rock ’n’ roll, actually got paid to sing the really good stuff around 1993.
Jennifer's reputation for great vocal chops and notoriety for countless public appearances singing national anthems at NHL games, and touring the country with her band, began to attract the attention of a new audience among jazz fans.
Her torchy, seductive vocal style is among the finest in the current generation of jazz singers, while her stage presence is that of the classic generation of singers like Rosemary Clooney, Julie London and Vera Lynn. She's definitely not just another voice in the crowd.  Well, maybe she is, but she’s louder and perhaps more on pitch.
Her repertoire runs the gamut from the jazz standard songbook and torchy heartbreakers, to a large selection of well loved World War II songs. Jennifer is one of the few singers in the Southeast who sings extensively in French and also in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. She also knows the anthems of at least 10 countries, just in case.
Presently based in Atlanta, she works in the Southeastern U.S. and also tours Canada and Europe.
Her first record, "Something Cool", won a 1999 Prairie Music Award for best jazz recording.
“How the Night People Pray” was released in late 2005. The songs are by composer, musician and producer Graham Shaw, one of Canada’s great artistic treasures. Their critically acclaimed collaboration brings together beautifully crafted songs, wonderful musicianship and heartfelt singing that brings the stories to life.
She is currently working on recordings to be released in 2013.

Del Baroni::
A graduate of the University of Miami with a concentration in Music, Baroni moved to the Atlanta area in the late '80's.
As well as having taught music, he has used his training to do studio and live work as a vocalist & bassist.
Having formed a network of great musicians through years, playing with the likes of Jaco Pastorious, the next great step would be to create the 'Del Baroni Orchestra'.
Consisting of 8 Core members, ranging up to 14 depending on the venue, the Del Baroni Orchestra has played events all over the state ranging from corporate events to weddings.
With a solid foundation of American standard & jazz music, Del Baroni's musical prowess spans from classic rock to disco, to motown, and everything between.
His love for the classics truly shows when he plays.
Del is even known to use vintage equipment to ensure authentic sound & feel.

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